Sacred – Circle Dance

Datum in čas dogodka: 28.02.2013 - 17:00

Sacred / Circle Dance

Ljubic Jordi Brito & Jos Galdermans
28 February – 3 March 2013

We are very happy to stay here for a few days and be able to meet you in and outside the dance circle.
The lovely countryside and the nearby will contribute in our wellbeing. We will dance in the mornings and evenings and there will be time for nature walks or a visit to a spa in the afternoons.

Of course we hope you will join us for the full four days, but for some that is not possible. So you can join us when you can as long as you tell us in advance. Early bookers pay a reduced price: you can take off 10 % of both the prices for lodging and the course. Early booking means: you have paid the right amount before 20 th of February in cash to Meta or Ljubic or to SKB bank account 0311 2100 0392 425 of Joseph J.B.M. Galdermans.

Prices for lodging and breakfast:

- Room + breakfast/per day € 25

- Room + breakfast from Friday 17.00 – Sunday 16.00 € 45

- Room + breakfast from Thursday 17.00 –Sunday 16.00 € 60

Prices of the dance course:
- weekend Friday evening – Sunday afternoon € 75

- Thursday evening – Sunday afternoon € 90

- evening course per day € 15

- morning course per day € 25

Prices of the lodging can be this low because only breakfast is included. Everybody can decide for themselves what to do for lunch and dinner. It could be only fruit juice, or maybe some people want to prepare a meal for themselves or with a group, or maybe eat out in a restaurant. Everything is possible

Booking / information:

Meta Komar 041-981-183
Ljubic Jordi Brito 031-827-049
Jos Galdermans 0031-575432978

We are quite willing to assist you in organizing the transport to Lendava. Let us know if you seek someone with a car or if you are looking for passengers in your car.


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